Materials Modelling|Pooja Goddard| Loughborough



Solid State Electrolytes

CoM 2020, SSI 2020, JMCA 2019, JPCC 2018

CdTe and CdSeTe Thin Films, JPCM 2019, TSF 2019, IEEE 2018


Based at Loughborough University's Department of Chemistry, our work focusses on computational modelling of fundamental processes in complex materials at the atomic/quantum scale.  

Our multi scale modelling approach combines inter-ionic potential-based methods and Density Functional Theory (DFT) simulations in strong collaboration with experimental groups and industry.

The areas of research within the group are wide-ranging with a focus on the next generation energy storage systems, thin film photovoltaics, fuel cell materials and more recently fingerprint detection materials and biomarker detection.

Fingerprint development reagents - in prep

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