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Dr Pooja Goddard (aka Dr. P)
Group Leader and Reader in Materials Modelling
Royal Academy of Engineering Industry Fellow

Pooja is a Kenyan-Born "modern nomad".

Her academic career started with a First class (Hons) MChem (Chemistry) degree from Coventry University which included an industrial placement at GlaxoSmithKline. She then went on to pursue a PhD. at the University of Warwick with the late Prof. Mark Rodger. This was part funded by industry (Cabot Speciality Fluids) and by the Warwick Postgraduate Scholarship. The project involved Computational and Experimental Studies of Formate Brines. These are dense but viscose salt brines used in oil drilling applications. 

In 2005, Pooja moved to the Dept. of Physics and Materials Science at Uppsala University, Sweden, on a FP7 project looking at diagnosing malaria using a magneto-optical technique which would be fast, efficient and reliable and most importantly non-invasive. After 3 ½  years she joined the University of Bath as an EPSRC Research Officer working on  materials with applications in Renewable Energy Technologies such as Fuel Cells,  Lithium Ion Battery materials and Thin Film PV materials. Since then she has been Senior Research Fellow at the University of Huddersfield, before joining Loughborough as a Lecturer in 2015.

External Appointments:

  • Elected RSC Inclusion and Diversity committee, (07/2021 – 04/2024)

  • EPSRC Strategic Advisory Team member, e-infrastructure (01/2021 – 04/2024)

  • Appointed Member of the Dalton Division Council, PACN, RSC (09/2020 – 09/2023; 09/2017 – 09/2020)

  • PhD external examiner for a number of UK and EU Universities.

  • Elected board member, Science, Education and Industry Board, RSC (2015 – 2018)

  • EPSRC Panel member for Materials (07/2015)

  • Executive Committee member and Publication Officer, RSC, Solid-State Group (2014 – 2017)

Current Post Docs and PhD Students

PhD Students

  • VACANCY - ICASE studentship with Sellafield Ltd - To Apply CLICK HERE
  • Bassey Oboho

Previous Members


  • Dr. Ying Zhou

  • Dr. Apoorv Jain

  • Dr. Stephen Yeandel

  • Dr. Ryan Sharpe

  • Dr. David Case

PhD students

  • Dr. Adam J. McSloy

  • Evie Ingold (MPhil)

  • Dr. Lily Hunnisett

  • Dr. Michael Watts

  • Dr. Peter Hatton

  • Dr. Avias Nare

  • Leon Ford (MPhil)

  • Dr. Patrick Kimber

  • Dr. William Tan

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